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December 2023
It's finally here after 2 years of development !
Max1500 Series 3D Camera Bars
With more than 35 years of experience in the motion capture industry, Innovision Systems, Inc. has added the Max1500 Series 3D Cameras to their motion capture product lines. Max1500 series cameras are dual camera sensor systems featuring ultra-compact and low-cost. It offers the best price performance in the industry.  With its powerful CPU and hardware image processor, Max1500 series cameras can handle very high frame rates with great precision. Together with motion analysis software, the Max1500 Series 3D Cameras are an ideal solution for the most demanding dual camera 3D and 6DOF position tracking tasks.

Main features and specifications

Calibrated and 3D Ready

Frame rates up to 5,500 fps

1 to 250 Passive or Active Markers

Can be daisy-chained with multiple bars

USB Interface and Power

Low latency < 3.5 ms at 300 fps

Supported by MaxREAL and MaxPRO

Other News and Updates

MaxPRO Version
° Show Cameras °
° Delayed Start in Recording °
° Show Marker Trajectories °
° Exclude Camera from 3D °
MaxTRAQ Version
We're continuing updating and adding new features.
This version includes:
° Real-Time Marker Tracking °
° Fully Scriptable using MyBASIC2 °
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