MaxTRAQ 2D and Lite+ Video Based Tracking and Analysis
Flexible, easy to use 2D motion capture and analysis. Record from cameras, use video or picture files. Creates C3D and ASCII files. Tracks up to 99 markers using auto, semi or manual digitizing. Analyze distances, angles, center of mass, projected points and more.  Use tools such a filters and interpolation.  Software is fully scriptable using MyBASIC2.
MaxTRAQ 3D Video Based 3D Software
Very affordable 3D motion capture for more advanced studies. Easily upgrades from MaxTRAQ 2D. For use with up to 4 cameras. Uses static calibration fixture for maximum camera flexibility. Dynamic Wand Calibration is available as an option.  Creates C3D and ASCII files. Integrates with MaxA or other C3D/ASCII compatilble software for further analysis.
MaxREAL Low Latency Real-Time 3D/6DOF Tracking
Designed for easy of use and speed, MaxREAL delivers 6DOF (3D) data from 2 or more Max300 cameras or one or more Max1500 3D bars. It can use both simple 3 marker rigid bodies or advanced rigid bodies with 4 to 16 markers for marker redundancy and occlusions.  It can handle and deliver 3D/6DOF frames as fast as 300 fps with latencies less than 3 ms
MaxPRO Advanced 3D Tracking
Combining our affordable MoCap cameras or a commercial available camera with our MaxPRO software, we are able to give you the capabilities of those proprietary, hi-end expensive optical systems at a fraction of the cost. Included are all the advanced features to meet and exceed every aspect of your 3D motion capturing requirements.
MaxA Motion Analysis Software
Easy to use software package to create basic kinematic analysis with Graphs and Data that can easily be copied and pasted for further analysis or to be included in reports. Multiple files can be opened and analyzed for comparison.  Using built-in scripting allows the user to create their own analysis.  Supports C3D, MOC, TSV and CSV or use the Import Wizard to virtually import any ASCII file.

MaxDAQ Analog Data Acquisition
MaxDAQ is designed for collecting analog data in conjunction with MaxTRAQ 2D, MaxTRAQ 3D or MaxPRO.  Easy to use, flexible and inexpensive way to integrate AD/D using USB interfaced hardware with number of channels ranging from 8 up to 64.   Integrates force plates (AMTI, Kistler, Bertec), EMG (Delsys, Noraxon, etc.), or any other external sensors.
MaxGAIT 2D Gait Analysis
MaxGAIT is an add-on to MaxTRAQ 2D that will take gait data recorded on a treadmill or over the ground and provide sagital plane hip, knee, and ankle angles. In addition, temporal spatial parameters such as cadence, velocity and stride length are calculated.
MaxTRAQ S3D Single Camera 3D
MaxTRAQ S3D software module works in conjunction with MaxTRAQ 2D to transform 2D data captured from a single camera to 3D data. The single camera 3D transformation uses rigid bodies with four markers with known dimensions. You can use up to 10 rigid bodies per test. One of the rigid bodies can be used as a reference so the data can be transformed into a know coordinate system.
MaxTRAQ VJR Virtual Joint Recognition
Calculates the position of the knee based on known positions of the hip and ankle in rodents. The lengths of the femur and tibia are assigned based on post-mortem measurements or estimates based on age, weight and gender matched controls. Position of knee and accurate estimates of hip, knee and ankle angles that are critical to understanding the hind limb kinematics during walking or swimming are generated.
MyBASIC2 Developers IDE
Free BASIC Programming Environment for developing scripts for Max Applications or to create stand-alone applications to analyze C3D or ASCII file.  Includes libraries to read and write C3D and ASCII file, create charts and graphs and an extensive Motion Analysis Library with functions tailored specifically for motion analsysis.


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